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Trial Automations

Convert more trials with Saturn Funnels. 

Our suite of tools allows you to measure milestones, activation (that “Aha Moment”), and manage automations to increase conversions!

Entire Marketing Lifecycle

See Trial Flow

In one dashboard, you can see ALL you need; new trials, trials ending, when that “Aha Moment” is achieved, and new customer conversions, while monitoring milestones for trial users.

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Define In-App Events To Trigger Automations

In-App events are the cornerstone of what makes Saturn Funnels a SaaS focused marketing automation platform. These events allow you to track trials, onboarding, app usage, and churn related behavior and connect automations with them.

With In-App Events you can:

  • Define Trial Aha Moments
  • Graph Aha Moments In Our Dashboard
  • Define An Onboarding Checklist For You App
  • Trigger Email Automation By Events
  • Trigger Milestone Based Trail Automations
  • Reduce Churn With Usage Automations

Find "Aha Moment"


  • Analyze milestones to see how trials are going.
  • Compare converting trial vs. non-converting trials to better understand why they do so.
  • Turn insights into email automation to increase conversions.

Make your life easier and focus on what really matters – growing your SaaS product and customer base.

Email Automations

Use trial specific marketing automation to grow your business

  • Plan Specific Triggers
  • "Milestone" Triggered Automation
  • "Milestones NOT Achieved" Triggered Automation
  • Time Triggers

Easy Integration


Saturn Funnels’ webhooks allow you to track all trials and onboardings.
  • Unifies view of lead and trial flow;
  • Allows drip email sequences based on trial milestones to increase engagement;
  • Increases conversion through activity and email marketing alignment.

Pre-Built Email Sequences

Capturing leads is a progressive process and the contacts are often in different stations of a funnel. 

Saturn Funnels’ smart lists will segment your users based on their positions in the funnels to make sure that they will receive the right email at the right time. You’ll never have to worry because our pre-built email drip sequences are designed to cater to the specific needs and business model of SaaS companies.