SaaS Marketing: Lead and Trial Generation with SaturnOne.io

It is your job as the founder to define who you want to build for and what problems you want to solve for them. From there you can iterate, grow, and find your path.

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”My traffic is extremely low; I can barely extract leads; it is not paying off. I am getting so discouraged and frustrated.”– Ana, SaaS Founder

Ana’s situation, definitely, is a point of concern to many of us SaaS founders. Admit it! You are not Slack, not Dropbox, not HubSpot, not Twilo or SalesForce, at least not yet. You’re a SaaS founder; yes, you are probably technical, but trying extremely hard to get traction with your product. Call it an MVP, call it a product launch, call it soft launch or whatever you want, the bottom line is you are STRUGGLING to get new users. What could have gone wrong? What can you do at this point?

Sadly, this is your reality now! This is your big challenge. 

First of all, ignore the stories about successful companies, like the ones mentioned above. Or just use them as inspiration, not as stories to copy. Their success stories are through “Rose-Colored Glasses” because we only see the fame and fortune they are already celebrating. I’m pretty sure none of them had a straight path. It is a different world of [digital] marketing now and things are working in a whole new dynamic. You may one day be them, let’s hope, but today you’re a struggling founder.

So let’s get started!

The visitors that discovered your marketing funnel without seeing the potential of your SaaS in solving their problems are less likely to sales, than those that discovered your marketing funnel through the promise of your SaaS.

Optimization is critically important in this complex marketing scheme; an ever-changing dynamic through the years. To many, there is an “un-earthed trade secret” to the success of a SaaS product web marketing; something strong and magnetic enough to pool highly targeted website traffic that is either steady or getting heavy by the day; turning visitors to customers.

Truthfully though, there are no “secrets” of this kind! There is only hard work to figuring out what can best work for you given your unique set of circumstances while aligning your strategies to the present marketing trends of the industry.

When you are, right now, experiencing good targeted website traffic, the probability of you turning visitors to customers is higher. When someone in your target market responded positively through expressing interest in your SaaS, you gain yourself a lead. To engage this lead, by either signing-up to your form or calling your hotline, you will have to make use of varied marketing funnels.

Can Marketing Funnels go wrong?

Yes, it can. Ramping up traffic without well-defining your buyer persona is a tragedy. Chances are, you ventured into a crowded Market or, worse, have not found your market niche at all. Yes, you have built your product that can address a problem, but you have not found your ideal customer, yet. Or have not picked one yet, perhaps, from fear of limiting yourself. From there, all other problems could arise, such as:

  1. Unorganized conversion scheme;
  2. Generic Web Page  and messaging;
  3. Ineffective Calls-to-Action;
  4. Non-engaging content.

How can SaturnOne.io help make an easy and effective marketing funnel?

Which would you go for?

1000 visitors → 10 leads → 1 Trial → 0 customers


10 visitors → 8 leads → 5 Trial → 3 customers

Don’t get us wrong; hundreds or thousands of leads are great, but the quality of your leads is always more important than quantity. Therefore, the second option is our [first] goal.

More often than not, it is already too late along the way for SaaS founders to realize that after all of the efforts put forth to generate visitors, leads, trials, and customers, the ideal customer is not amongst the visitors.

One very important lesson that I have learned is that you cannot build your funnel from the top-down. At the bottom of the funnel is the easiest place to find your ideal customer. You can hire marketers all you want, but if you have not found your “target customer,” which is the foundation of your vision, the marketing funnels will most likely fail. Your business will only grow with the right leads because they will influence your business’ success. Remember, ramping traffic without finding and proving your target is your biggest front-line hurdle.

It is your job as the founder to define who you want to build for and what problems you want to solve for them. From there you can iterate, grow, and find your path.

 For every SaaS Founder, all three should lock-up! Problem, Saas Product, Subscribers.

To generate your right leads, SaturnOne.io will test your marketing strategy from your determined persona and make conversion quick and easy. We have a great tool to easily run experiments to test all aspects of your inbound funnels- from the channels, messaging,  calls-to-action, to landing pages. Set them up with just a few clicks, deploy them via custom URLs, and see the results immediately!

Make your conversion path work, but how?

This is the basis of an effective marketing funnel- your traffic should be converting.

Returning visitors and steady website traffic are good news because it is an indication that your audience knows that you are in business.  However, when no sales are happening, there should be something that you must do to optimize your website conversion path.

Homepages, at times, are also a major downer to visitors especially when the services, contents, and navigations are generic, irrelevant, and unhelpful to the promise your SaaS presented beforehand. When users are directed to the Homepage and not the landing page, your bounce rate could increase with a huge possibility of losing the lead.

SaturnOne.io’s solutions are funnel driven CTAs, popups and landing pages for specific campaigns. When doing special campaigns, specific landing pages and custom sales messaging are huge success elements. 

If you are generic, the impact of the message you are trying to convey is diluted. If your messages are not specifically arrowed to your target audience, without a doubt, you will lose your lead. Visitors need a spot-on solution for their problem, not a solution that looks like it is wanting to please everyone. Nurturing leads right from when they discovered your SaaS to asking more about it, without being lost along the way, is what leads need at the very moment.

Calls to Action, should also not be forgotten within your content, so visitors don’t feel like they are wasting time in trying to get more information about you.

SaturnOne.io makes sure that it is everywhere from advertising, blog posts, and newsletters to name a few, so they know exactly what to do next. Leaving them without a clue will just push them to look somewhere else. Just remember, all points of contact should provide action and options for what to do next (a CTA)!

This is your ideal SaaS marketing plan

  • Find your niche as small as possible…the smaller to start out the better.
  • Validate it by getting them as customers in any way possible.
  • Make your conversion path work.
  • Find your channel to reach them.
  • Develop messaging, engaging contents and calls-to-action.
    • By channel,
    • Test channels

In no time, you will own your niche and grow it to adjacent niches.

Make your life easy and your SaaS successful! Checkout SaturnOne.io now! 


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