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What is a "Contact"?

A “Contact” is any Lead, Trial user, or Subscriber that has been added wither by a form or an API call. All contact should have emails which is a uniqueness key in Saturn Funnels.

What if we go over our email limit?

Paid Plans: You will be charged $0.11 for every 1,000 emails you send, in steps. 

Free Plans: We will stop sending emails after your monthly limit is reached. Why? No credit card on file to charge.

Do you have "Annual Plans"?

Yes, we offer 2 free months with Annual plans, which are paid upfront.

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What is an "API Event"?

There are two types of events. First is when you SaaS app calls API, such as to report a trail milestone or subscriber event. Second is when your marketing automation integrations calls events such as to report a funnel visit, CTA view, or form submission. Everything tracked is tracked with an API event. Trial milestones and subscriber events are defined by you.

Free Onboarding?

Yes, we will help you get set up/installed and help with any resources that may need transferring over…such as CTA, Popups, Landing Pages.

If you succeed, then we succeed…so it is in our interest to help!

A Free Consultation?

Yes, Free consultations!

If you succeed, then we succeed…so it is in our interest to help!

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