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Note: We are in beta, and actively developing. If this is wrong, does not look right, or incomplete, please forgive us and use the lower-right chat and we will answer ASAP.

Saturn Funnels currently supports:

  1. Drip email sequences — a.k.a. Automation
    A series of related time-released emails for marketing nurturing, trial onboarding, education, etc.
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  2. Broadcast Emails
    On-off emails sent to your whole list or a segment of the list. Usually to market, make announcements, special offers, etc.
  3. Transactional Emails
    Transactional emails are a single one-off email trigger from your app. The purpose is to acknowledge an event or deliver specific information customized for a specific contact….such as a sale or new customer or delivering an eBook.
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Table of Contents