Trial/Onboarding Checklist

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Trial/Onboarding Checklist

Us this checklist along with our API (below) to integrate a checklist into your app.

These are the events that the user needs to do to set up your app and get started using it. These are not necessarily those things for their Aha Moment…but the steps to configure to be able to get this value.

See more here:

Below is an example of Saturn Funnels onboarding Checklist!

Example Checklist

Picking Setup Events

You will be tempted to pick a string of events for the “Aha Moment”…DO NOT.


CRM SaaS App

These are the events that give the user value and when done. Meaning they are more likely to become paying customers, not just tire kickers. These are Aha Moment Events…do not use:

  • 50 contacts added
  • 10 Sales opportunities entered

These are set up events…these belong in the onboarding checklist.

  • Email templates setup
  • Added email account
  • imported contacts
  • Create custom fields
  • Define the sales pipeline process

How to Use These Events

Use this API below to access the checklist and event status for specific users. Then using you on development tools you can craft a checklist, with links to the

Checklist API

post: //api.saturnfunnels.com/api/app/contact/checklist


api_key: string, //  found in dashboard

// one of the following 3

contact_id: string, // unique contact identifier

visitorId: string, // either contact_id or visitorId is required

email: string, // email of the contact

plan: string  // optional plan token from the dashboard, see below



If not given,

    1. the Contact plan is used
    2. If the Contact plan is not defined then the — All Plans — default is given.
    3. If nothing is defined a 400 error will be issued.


contact_id: string, // contact _id

plan: string, // plan token used or ‘all’

complete: boolean, // true or false

event_list: [

event_id: string,

name: string,

defined_count: number,

actual_count: number,

event_complete: boolean



in_trial: boolean,

trial_start: date,  // trial start datetime

trial_end: date  // trial end datetime

customer: boolean // is a customer

customer_start: date


Table of Contents

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