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Lead Generation With Saturn Funnels

Below we outline some lead-generation strategies that you can use now.

For detailed articles on lead generation, you can visit our blog here.

An overview of SaaS lead generation, “SaaS Marketing: How To Ace Lead Generation With Saturn Funnels?


This blog talks about the different stages and common funnels. In SaaS, these are the common lead generation stages of a customer journey, which also corresponds to your content marketing:

  1. Problem/Pain Aware: It helps people discover you mainly by making them aware of the problem they have.
  2. Solution Aware: It helps people understand that there are many possible solutions to their problem.
  3. Product Aware: In their search for a solution, you introduce your company and your product as the “right solution”. Usually, this step is right before they jump into your “trial” offer.


The goals are to:

  • Capture a lead with a form and offer
  • Nurture the lead to…
    • Learn more to move to the next stage
    • Sign-up for a trial
    • Or contact you


This journey could take hours to many months depending on the customer and your SaaS.


Each stage you need:

  1. An Offer: Article, eBook, PDF, Learn More, Trial Sign-Up
  2. A channel and method to promote your offer
  3. Form to Capture Lead: CTA, Popup, Landing Page
  4. Email drip nurture sequence


Typical Lead Generation Funnel

A typical content marketing funnel  will often have something like any/or all of the following:

Typical Content Marketing Funnel


  1. A Facebook/LinkedIn/Google ad, which can be used to promote an article/blog post
  2. Visitors read your content
  3. Call-to-action (CTA) message in content (inline or popup)
  4. CTA/Popop connects to a landing page
  5. The landing page has an offer that can result in a lead or trial signup
  6. Email drip nurturing sequence to push them to take another action



  1. A Facebook/LinkedIn/Google ad, which can be used to promote an article/blog post;
  2. Visitors read your content;
  3. eBook offer with a form in an inline CTA or popup
  4. Email drip nurturing sequence to push them to take another action.



  1. An email newsletter or drip sequence educating on product or case study
  2. A CTA to learn more of your product
  3. Website visit…start a free-trial with a link to your website signup page 
  4. Email drip nurturing sequence to push along the trial

Yes, there are infinite variations. So we will discuss just a few and how to implement it with Saturn Funnels.


Offers to Capture Email Lead

The table below is a list of some of the possible content offers at each lead generation stage.

Content Plan


  • Ads
  • SEO
  • Email
  • Social Sharing
  • Etc.


Figure Out BOTH:

  • Where your audience is online
  • And where they are receptive to your content and/or messages


Note, some places like Facebook, LinkedIn or Reddit groups can be good places…but, some are very proportion adverse. They may remove you or your posts. So be smart and strategic in these places.


Lead Capture

Use CTAs, Popup, and landing page forms to capture leads. See our knowledge base to learn to create, edit, insert, and use these.


Places to Put CTAs

  • Blogs Sidebars
  • Inline in Blogs and Articles…if long more than one is good.
  • Contact Pages


Places to Use Popups

  • Blogs and Articles
  • Non-Landing Pages


When to Use Landing Pages

We recommend using landing pages for offers that take longer to decide upon or more explaining. Say an eBook that has a complexity when you want to show an outline or testimonials.

Use ads and promotions to go directly there.

Or use destination CTAs and Popups to offer them and link to the landing page.


Email Drip Sequences

Use email drip sequences to nurture leads once captures. The goal is to nurture to the next step:

  • A free trial maybe
  • To educate about your SaaS
  • To teach about the 3 stages and nurture to the next stage


Always have a Call-To-Action

Every email should have a CTA:

  • Make an offer
  • Start a trial
  • Case study
  • How-to article link


Some way, a CTA, to encourage engagement and a next step. The journey from lead to customer is often many steps…always nurture to the next step.

Illustration of a typical SaaS customer journey.
Table of Contents

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