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To use our website marketing feature (CTAs, Popups, Snips, Landing Pages, Funnels, and Analytics) you first need to add a very small snippet of javascript to your website. Typically this is done one every page with an admin panel or a plugin for WordPress.

Find The Snippet

When you are initially setting up there is a popup window that shows you a checklist of things to get started. The first item is the snippet. Just click the link to bring you to the page to get the snippet.

Or use the Setup icon in the upper right to select the Website Marketing Setup from the dropdown (see below).

Select Setup –> Website Marketing Setup

Install The JavaScript

Unfortunately how to do this is different for every website…so if having problems, please set up a support call and I’m sure we can do it together as it is usually not hard. (Schedule)

By the way, for those of you technical… for our javascript snippet, it does not matter if you install it in the head or body of pages.


A common platform and you first need to be able to add javascript. This is either done by:

  1. Your theme may have a built-in option for this, or…
  2. Install a plugin…search by “javascript”. There are 1000s!

Then copy and paste our code in the designated place.

Other Websites

There are literally 1000s of options. Usually, your host will have a setup or settings page, like the example one from Mozello.com below. Though many free services do not allow javascript access…usually a paid feature.

Mozello Settings Page