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Import Contacts

Within Saturn Funnels you can import a .cvs file with contact info and emails. On the contacts page, in the upper right-hand corner is the Import Contacts button.

  1. Export your email list into a .cvs file format WITH column headers.
    • Most email providers have an export list option which is .cvs format.
    • If in a spreadsheet, you can save as a .cvs file
  2. Click the “Choose File” button to select the file.
    • The file is parsed and we validate an “email” column.
    • All fields are converted to lower case when imported.
  3. Supported fields include (see contacts api for details):
    • email (required)
    • name, phone
    • tags (a string array separated by spaces)
    • lead_score (a number between 0 and 100)
    • created: date contact/lead created
    • trial dates: trial_start & trial_end
    • customer (boolean)
    • customer dates: customer_start customer_end
    • plan (saas plan token)
    • any custom fields you want

4. Press the “Import Them!” Button to import.

Table of Contents