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Define Aha Moment

The Aha Moment is the point in SaaS onboarding, typically a free trial, where the user sees your value. And thus, is most likely to become a paying subscriber after this point. Every SaaS will have different events that signify this Aha moment.

Define the Aha Moment or Use the hard coded AHA Moment Milestone

event_id: ‘506c987f7cbb80e87fb87ff0’

If you define events to trigger the Aha Moments, once they are achieved, this event will be created.

Note: Only one Aha Moment event is triggered for automation and tracking purposes. It makes no sense to have 10 Aha Moments, not like it is 10 logins.

Pick Minimum Events

You will be tempted to pick a string of events that have to be completed for the “Aha Moment”…DO NOT.

Instead, pick the few events at the end of this path that ARE define that moment.

The events leading up to this belong more int the onboarding Checklist.


CRM SaaS App

These are the events that give the user value and when done. Meaning they are more likely to become paying customers, not just tire kickers.

  • 50 contacts added
  • 10 Sales opportunities entered

Not these set up events…these belong in the onboarding checklist. While necessary, they are not the value received when using…

  • Email templates setup
  • Added email account
  • imported contacts
  • Create custom fields
  • Define the sales pipeline process

Table of Contents

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