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A broadcast email is a single email sent to a segment of your contact lost.

How to Send:

  1. Select a segment of your contact list, or the entire list
  2. Create the email
  3. Send it right away or schedule it

Then you can see statistics once sent:

  • Opens
  • Links clicked
  • Bounces
  • Complaints

And Resend to contacts that DID not open it the first time.

You can personalize this email, as will all our emails.

Select a Segment

Filter segment by contact type such as a lead only, in a trial, out of the trial, a subscriber, or former customer.

Filter by tags. In the above image, we filter contacts that have been tagged as a founder and with a lead score up to 75.

Sending the Broadcast

You can schedule a time or just send it right away (Send Now).


If you schedule a time the system will attempt to send at that date and local time for each contact.

Forms processed through our snippet automatically add a timezone offset which we use for this purpose.

Stats & Re-sending

Once an email is sent you can view its statistics and resend it to contacts that have not opened it.

Table of Contents